Thank you for choosing to deliver your baby at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH). We look forward to providing you with an outstanding care and delivery experience.

TSH was the first hospital in Ontario to establish a home-like birthing unit. With close to 5,000 deliveries each year, the hospital’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care program has an excellent reputation for high-quality care in a culturally sensitive atmosphere. Our services are provided in more than 110 languages and we can accommodate many special dietary requests and spiritual/religious care needs.

Our interprofessional team of doctors, nurses, obstetricians, paediatricians and midwives is focused on making your stay as safe and as comfortable as possible as you prepare to bring your new life into our vibrant community.

We have developed some new materials about our Maternal Newborn and Child Care program to help you get ready to have your baby at The Scarborough Hospital. This information outlines what information you need to prepare for your admission, what supports you can expect as you deliver your baby and how we will help you adjust following the birth of your baby. For more information, view our information booklet and our brochure.

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