• Patient’s Family Praises Heavenly Care from TSH Nurse
    Published January 8, 2013

    As a nurse, Debbie Casquenette knows what good care is and the care her mother-in-law received at The Scarborough Hospital was great.

    Marguerite Casquenette wasn’t feeling well on Labour Day weekend and when she hadn’t improved after a day, Debbie left the cottage early and brought her to the General campus where she was cared for by “an angel.”

    That’s how Debbie referred to nurse Hoda Sarvistani in the letter she wrote to TSH following the experience in the Emergency Department.

    “Words cannot express my thanks to Hoda, our own angel, for helping Marguerite,” she writes. “Her professionalism, work ethic and nursing knowledge should be commended.”

    Debbie shared that Hoda even delayed taking her break in order to stay with Marguerite.

    “To me, that’s the sign of a really good nurse, to give up their own pleasure for a patient,” she says.

    Marguerite said Hoda made her feel cared for.

    “She was something,” she says.

    Debbie praised not just Hoda, but everyone they came in contact with, from the volunteer who greeted them at the Emergency Department and quickly got Marguerite a wheelchair, to the triage nurse who spent a lot of time with her to make sure she got the care she needed, to the doctors who displayed a superb bedside manner.

    “I can’t thank The Scarborough Hospital enough for the care she received,” Debbie says.

    As a nurse and former executive director of a long-term care facility, Debbie has considerable experience in hospitals, and what she saw here impressed her.

    “I always want people to be really caring, especially with seniors,” she says. “I know what good care is and what not so good care is, and the care Marguerite receives at TSH is excellent care.”

    Marguerite was transferred to a bed on a floor where she continued to receive excellent care from our nursing staff for the rest of her stay.

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