• Released March 27, 2014

    For the coming fiscal year, 2014-2015, The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) will invest in key priority areas that will reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maintain or improve quality patient care. Building on the successes of the previous fiscal year, this budget and operating plan reflects both efficiencies and quality improvement.

    2014-2015 Investments and Efficiency Initiatives

    TSH will be making investments in key clinical programs to reflect patient needs and activity, such as cardio-respiratory and critical care, and in quality and performance improvement, such as LEAN, to support the transformation at TSH.

    “This coming fiscal year represents another opportunity for TSH to continue making these types of investments,” said Robert Biron, TSH President and CEO, “such as new or expanded programs, innovations in patient care, staff development to further build internal expertise and capacity, and, “right sizing” departmental budgets to reflect patient activity, where appropriate.”

    For the fiscal year, 2014-2015, TSH is projecting an increase in expenses of $8.4 million compared to 2013-2014. At the same time, revenue increases of $1.6 million have been identified, leaving a shortfall of $6.8 million, which represents two per cent of total revenues.

    In addition to the investments in clinical programs and performance improvement, TSH will be implementing 79 initiatives over the course of this fiscal year focused on improving efficiencies, which will result in a savings of $7.1 million. These initiatives are based on the following principles:

    • Maintaining existing patient services offered to our community
    • Improving or maintaining the quality of care and patient safety
    • Reducing administrative and management costs so that more dollars are directed to front-line patient care
    • Balancing our operating budget

    Staffing across the organization will also be adjusted whereby 69 full-time and part-time positions combined will be affected; 16 of those positions are vacancies and 15 are through TSH’s voluntary staffing efficiency program, leaving 38 affected positions at all levels across the organization.

    TSH’s Human Resources team will work with the unions to respect the collective agreement process and, in accordance with the collective agreement language, the hospital must issue lay-off notices. The receipt of a lay-off notice starts a several months-long process that may/may not result in the person who receives the notice being laid off. Currently, TSH has 43 unfilled positions. The hospital will support staff with ongoing training and development and encourage those affected by lay-offs to consider skills upgrading and skill changes so that they may continue at TSH, if possible.

    2013-2014 Successes

    For the current fiscal year (2013-2014) that ends March 31, 2014, TSH will balance its budget.

    Over the past year, TSH implemented 186 initiatives, which led to a savings of $19.5 million. Concurrently, the hospital invested in quality improvement initiatives with a focus on improving patient care and outcomes. Examples of these initiatives include:

    • A 43% reduction since February 2013 in length of stay wait time for patients to be admitted from the Emergency Department
    • Improved transitions of care between the hospital and other health services providers, so patients are treated in the most appropriate health care setting
    • A 70 per cent reduction in Facility-Acquired Pressure Ulcers since 2011
    • Continued commitment to keep administrative expenses as low as possible (compared to peer hospitals, TSH’s performance is in the best 25th percentile) so that more dollars are directed to patient care services

    “These were significant initiatives that have had positive results for our hospital,” said Robert. “We have been able to successfully demonstrate that TSH is a highly efficient hospital while not compromising quality and safe patient care.”

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