• Published July 6, 2015

    On June 23, The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) launched its new 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, Forward Together: Building a Healthier Scarborough. Today, I’d like to share with you why I am so excited about our new Strategic Plan, and what the ideas included in the new plan mean for our hospital, our team, and our community.

    Last summer, we began our strategic planning process – Forward Together. This is much more than just a name. It’s a philosophy. There’s a spirit of collaboration and openness to new relationships at TSH. It’s been essential to our success, and it will continue to be integral in helping us to define our solutions for the future.

    Throughout the strategic planning process, we sought and received a wealth of input from the many stakeholders we consulted, and we learned what they need from us to receive the best care experience.

    Our work also reinforced what makes Scarborough such a great community and place to live. People come here from all over the globe to build a life, raise their family, grow their business, and contribute to the community. There is a determined, collaborative spirit that is alive and well in Scarborough. This is the same spirit with which we approached our engagement initiatives and the development of this plan.

    Together with our stakeholders, we took a deep look at the trends, priorities, and opportunities before us, and developed a strategic plan, which – at its heart – embodies this essential collaborative spirit. It’s a bold new roadmap for our hospital that we believe will lead to transformational change over the next four years.

    The plan highlights four new strategic directions:

    • Patients as Partners;
    • Innovation and Learning;
    • Integrated Care Networks; and,
    • Quality and Sustainability.

    I would like to provide some context surrounding each of our new strategic directions.

    Patients as Partners

    Our goal here is to engage patients and families in a meaningful way to provide more timely, effective, and efficient solutions for them. Patients will have a more active role in planning and managing their treatment. Our health care team will be organized around the needs of the patient – not the other way around – and there will be fewer barriers for patients to access care.

    Integrated Care Networks

    As part of the broader health care system, we have an important role to play in ensuring care is well coordinated as patients transition from our hospital to other care providers. We also know that throughout Canada, and particularly within Scarborough, there is a desire for more holistic treatment options. By collaborating with our fellow service providers, patients, and their families, our goal is to improve coordination of services, referrals, and transitions of care, better manage patients with chronic diseases to reduce hospital visits, and implement evidence-based practices relating to complementary medicine and therapies.

    Innovation and Learning

    Our team and community have incredible talents, wisdom, and ingenuity and our goal here is to tap into this collective resource to innovate, improve, and develop new solutions – ones that meet or exceed our patients’ expectations. Our aim is to adopt leading practices, quicker than before, improve our ability to attract and engage the best doctors and staff, and increase our education and research activities.

    Quality and Sustainability

    Ultimately, as a publicly-funded institution, the primary responsibility of our hospital – and any hospital – is to deliver better value and care outcomes for patients. We take this responsibility very seriously at TSH and through this strategic direction, we will be focused on standardizing our clinical practices to create less waste, making the most of our funding and revenues, improving our results in how we measure quality, and achieving a healthier financial position for TSH.

    These strategic directions are the priorities that will help us focus on what really matters, shaping even more quality, responsive, innovative, and integrated care and services. I encourage you to take a moment to review our new Strategic Plan to learn more about where we’re going, how we’ll get there, and what it means to you.

    We know that it takes more than just a plan to create the best possible health care. It takes partnerships with our patients, professionals, fellow service providers, and community. Everyone’s voice is – and will continue to be – important to us.

    But now, with this clear plan in place, superior programs and services, a dedicated team, and strong partnerships to draw on, we are well positioned to go forward together in building an exciting future for our hospital and local health care system.

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