• A new knee to move from A to B
    Published March 14, 2016

    Whether to run errands or simply enjoy the great outdoors, Pamela Jones has always been an avid walker. But eight years ago, her legs began to ache, the pain worsening with each passing year. Her energy levels were dropping, too. Pain and fatigue had become daily companions.

    At first, Pamela chalked it up to getting older, but eventually it became clear that there was more to it than age and she made an appointment with her family doctor. After an examination and some X-rays, he diagnosed osteoarthritis in Pamela’s knees, and referred her to Dr. James Rathbun, Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH).

    In January 2016, Dr. Rathbun performed an Oxford partial knee replacement on Pamela’s right knee, a procedure for which he is renowned. While she is grateful for Dr. Rathbun’s work and is recovering well, it was the nursing staff that really caught her attention – in particular, a nurse named Lynn.

    “Lynn would open the blinds each morning to let the winter sunshine in and say ‘Good morning,’ to her patients,” said Pamela. “It made me feel cheerful. As she went about her rounds, she spoke pleasantly to each person. It helped to create a friendly and trusting atmosphere in our room.

    “The nursing staff made me feel well cared for. Physically and emotionally, this was an important step forward in my ultimate recovery.”

    Having lived in Scarborough for less than a year, this was Pamela’s first experience with TSH. Diverse, friendly, and professional is how she described it in a nutshell. She was impressed by the Multi-Faith Worship Centre and the Artists’ Walkway at the General campus.

    “The Scarborough Hospital combines top level medical care with the warm, friendly atmosphere of a neighbourhood hospital,” she said. “If you need to go to a hospital, The Scarborough Hospital’s General campus is a good one.”

    Now, Pamela is working on transitioning away from the use of her walker, so she can get back to doing what she loves: letting her own two feet carry her near and far and enjoying the views along the way.

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