• A Special Donation From A Very Special Girl
    Published February 18, 2014

    There’s a very simple reason 11-year-old Maddie Clarke worked so hard last summer to raise over $200 for The Scarborough Hospital Foundation.

    “I wanted to raise money so that no one had to feel how I felt when my Grandma passed away from cancer,” Maddie explains in a quiet voice.

    Maddie’s maternal grandmother died on December 27, 2012. Although she was able to pass away at home, she received cancer treatment and palliative care at The Scarborough Hospital’s General campus.

    “My father passed away from cancer too when Maddie was only five months old,” adds Maddie’s mom Lisa. “He was at the General campus too and also passed away at home. The palliative care services at The Scarborough Hospital were very helpful for both my parents.”

    In addition to the care her parents received, Lisa was born at the General campus (back when it was Scarborough General Hospital) and both Maddie and her 12-year-old brother were born at the hospital.

    Last June, Maddie asked Lisa if she could do something to raise money in honour of her Grandma’s birthday on August 26. Maddie decided to make “parachute cord”-style bracelets and sell them for five dollars each.

    After about a month of production, Maddie and Lisa began selling the bracelets through Lisa’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. “A lot of my girlfriends, our family friends and friends from Maddie’s hockey team started making orders,” says Lisa.

    On August 26, Maddie and Lisa proudly walked into the Foundation offices and dropped off a $220 donation.

    But this isn’t the first – or last – fundraising campaign for this budding philanthropist. Last year, Maddie also cut off 11 inches of her hair and donated it to “Locks of Love” to help children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

    “And she just told me a few weeks ago that she wants to do something else for charity, although she hasn’t decided what yet,” says Lisa.

    When asked what makes her so generous, Maddie’s answer goes back to her Grandma. “It’s just that I miss her and I don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”

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