The Heart Function Clinic at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) manages patients’ heart function care on an outpatient basis to help reduce emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

The interprofessional team, which includes a cardiologist and nurses specializing in cardiac care, works together to manage heart health status through physical assessment and ongoing teachings about medication and diet, as well as through the monitoring of symptoms and conditions.

What We Offer

The heart function team provides services, including:

  • Instructional materials and demonstrations to help manage and monitor heart health
  • Ongoing telephone support for patients and caregivers
  • Collaboration with other members of a patient’s health care team


Those eligible for care through the Heart Function Clinic, include:

  • Adults with a known or suspected diagnosis of congestive heart failure

Where To Find Us

General campus
Central Wing, 1st Floor
416-431-8110, ext. 6016.