Living with a chronic illness such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) requires education and emotional support to help make the necessary changes to cope and adapt.

The Peer Support Group at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) was established in November 2007 with an initial focus on supporting patients in CKD. It has since expanded its focus and now supports patients across the continuum of care to home dialysis.

The Peer Support Group is made up of patients who are either on dialysis or have since received a transplant, family members, a dietitian, a social worker and a registered nurse. Together the patients, their families and the health care team are able to support one another and share their strategies to help them manage the burden of chronic disease.

What We Offer

  • Help kidney patients and their families adjust to living with a chronic illness
  • Improve survival and overall well-being
  • Ease anxieties about dialysis and assume responsibilities towards independence and self management


The service is available to all TSH home dialysis and CKD patients.

Where to Find Us

General campus
East Wing, 1st Floor
438-2911, ext. 6216.

Referral Information

Any patient or family member on home dialysis or in the CKD program can benefit from this service, and is encouraged to participate. Speak with your nurse or social worker to connect with a peer support volunteer.