The Adult Outpatient Program at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH) provides individual and group programming for those living with a major mental illness. The program is managed by a team of mental health care specialists and is run out of the hospital’s Birchmount site and two satellite locations. It also offers a medication clinic for patients on long-acting neuroleptic medication, as well as Clozaril.

To better meet the needs of Scarborough residents and their families, SRH recently partnered with the Central East GTA Family Health Team to provide Shared Care. This is a collaborative model where a psychiatrist along with other members of the mental health care team, when needed, visit the Family Health Team office a few times each month to work with family physicians and their staff to assess patients with mental health issues and work together on a treatment plan best suited for each patient. This exciting collaborative model is being expanded to include other family practice offices in Scarborough.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Individual is living with a serious mental illness
  • Individual has a level of functional impairment that interferes with their ability to live safely and productively in the community

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Online Psychotherapy

SRH is a leader in e-therapy work, offering two first-in-Canada projects for a community hospital: Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) for anxiety and depression, and iMindful, an online mindfulness therapy program for oncology patients. Both programs enable patients to access treatment wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them, and each requires physician referral.

SRH’s e-therapy research results have been presented at major conferences, including the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Conference (2015).

Mental Health App Library

The Mental Health Adult Outpatient Program has curated a Mental Health App Library consisting of 18 SRH physician- and therapist-approved apps for Android and Apple operating systems.

Patients can access trusted apps that provide support for anxiety, relaxation, depression, sleep, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The free apps are meant to complement prescribed treatment plans, and are not intended to replace professional treatment.

Where To Find Us

The program is managed by a team of mental health care specialists and is run out of the hospital’s Birchmount campus and two satellite sites located at 2425 Eglinton Ave. and 1225 Kennedy Rd.