The Inpatient Mental Health Program at SRH provides a full range of mental health care services to individuals living with mental illness and who require hospitalization.

Our interprofessional team provides care in a 50-bed unit located at the Birchmount site. This includes six psychiatric intensive care beds, which provides a safe, self-contained area where patients can be stabilized before transitioning into the main unit, 10 beds reserved for seniors’ mental health care, and 34 adult acute care beds.

What We Offer

  • A patient/family-centred approach
  • A collaborative interprofessional team approach to care planning and treatment
  • A strong commitment to ensuring access to services is simple, as well as effective, for Scarborough’s diverse population
  • Inpatient Mental Health Services
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care
  • Seniors Mental Health
  • Adult Acute Mental Health

In addition to the inpatient services offered at our Birchmount site, consultation and liaison services are offered to medical and surgical inpatients at both the Birchmount and General sites. If there is evidence that a medical or surgical patient may be experiencing a mental health issue, the medical/surgical treatment team may request a consultation with a psychiatrist and follow-up from a mental health care clinician.

This program is expanding to include group therapy, in addition to the individual therapy already available, for patients receiving care in the Chronic Disease Management and Cancer Care programs.