The Breastfeeding Clinic provides support to all women who have questions about or issues with breastfeeding.

Toronto Public Health Registered nurses work together with hospital lactation consultants in the clinic. New moms are encouraged to use the clinic as long as needed and are welcome to visit the clinic during pregnancy for advance planning and care.

As well, families can download the hospital’s Best Feeding app. Created through a partnership with Centennial College, Best Feeding offers several interactive features, including timers for women to log their baby’s feedings on each breast, as well as a log that tracks the duration and amount of breast milk each time a mother pumps her breasts. Parents can also log the number of wet and dirty diapers their baby has each day. In addition, a ‘search’ feature provides the name and location of breastfeeding clinics in Toronto.

Best Feeding is available to download for free to Android devices in the Google Play Store, and will be available for Apple devices in the near future.

Google Play Store

What We Offer

Services provided by the Breastfeeding Clinic, include:

  • Breastfeeding assessment
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Breast pumps and kits available for purchase


The Breastfeeding Clinic is open for all women who have questions or concerns about lactation regardless of where they deliver their baby.