We Are Water Birth Friendly!

We are proud to offer water births in the Family Maternity Centres at both our General and Birchmount sites.

A water birth is childbirth that occurs in water, usually in a tub or small pool. For women with uncomplicated pregnancies, water births can be a positive choice in labour that can decrease interventions and increase their enjoyment of the labour experience.

Water births are offered for patients and for women who are patients of one of the hospital’s two midwifery partner organizations: Diversity Midwives or Sages-Femmes Midwives.

For more information about water births, contact a member of your care team or one of our midwifery partners via the contact information below.

Diversity Midwives
Phone: 416-609-8187

Sages-Femmes Midwives
Phone: 416-286-2228 or 905-409-6447

You can also read more about the experience other patients have had with water births in the stories below: