• Released November 10, 2014

    The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) has launched a grassroots effort to fundamentally shift the provision of health care to a model that is truly patient-focused.

    ‘“I Am the Patient Experience” is more than a tagline at TSH, but the beginning of an entire culture shift that recognizes the inherent value of working with our patients and their families,” says Rhonda Seidman-Carlson, Vice-President, Interprofessional Practice and Chief Nursing Executive. “We ARE the patient experience, and when we provide care from that aspect of connection, we create a positive and meaningful experience for everyone.”

    One such positive experience is that of Michael Stern. Michael is a fighter. For two years he had been fighting prostate cancer until he underwent a radical prostatectomy – a surgery to remove the prostate gland – in August at TSH.

    During his recovery, Michael could simply surrender, relax and focus on getting well. The exceptional care he received created an experience between him – the patient – and his health care team that was built on trust, communication and collaboration to achieve optimal results.

    “Uziel (Hernandez, RN) was the first person to take care of me when I was in recovery,” says Michael. “She was kind, personable and talkative. Her sunny personality made me feel a lot better and I truly believe it helped speed up my recovery. She went above and beyond what was needed and provided exceptional care.”

    Michael asked for her name because he figured she would be the exception, but admits he was wrong.

    “It turns out that every nurse, doctor and staff member who attended to me during my time in the hospital went well beyond what was needed,” says Michael. “One nurse went as far as getting me earplugs because I was having difficulty sleeping.”

    Michael’s positive experience throughout the entire care process is one that is becoming more common at TSH, as the hospital embraces a patient-focused approach to care.

    Several staff members who have become passionate champions for the effort have begun looking for ways to learn more about what patient-focused care really means – and they are starting with the patients and families themselves.

    “It may make us all a little uncomfortable at first,” says Rhonda. “But opening our ears, our minds and our hearts to really understand our patients’ feedback is a huge step in providing true patient-focused care. Only they can define their experience, and it’s our job to learn, grow and make it happen.”

    TSH is also planning to introduce shared care plans on many of its units and is actively recruiting for Patient and Family Advisors to further advance its commitment to patient-focused care. The Patient and Family Advisors will partner with health care providers and administrators to enhance programs, participate in corporate and department-level improvement initiatives and provide fresh eyes for identifying efficiencies in many areas including: service delivery, policies and procedures, interprofessional care planning, patient education, hospital navigation and the general environment, and follow-up processes.

    “By working together and learning from each other, we can ensure better outcomes for our patients and their families,” says Rhonda. “And at the end of the day, that’s why we are all here.”

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Our mission is to provide an outstanding care experience that meets the unique needs of each and every patient. To do that, we need to hear from you.

You may receive a questionnaire in the mail about your stay at The Scarborough Hospital. By answering the questions and returning the form to us, you can help us continually improve the care we deliver to our patients. You can provide feedback at any time through the Patient Feedback Form on our website.

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