• Baby Rivan, born at SRH Centenary, brings joy to his whole family
    Published June 19, 2017

    Father’s Day will never be the same for Saran Ragunathan, and Mother’s Day will never be the same for his wife Karthiga Dharmananda. That’s because this year Saran and Karthiga are celebrating as new parents!

    Little Rivan Ragunathan was born at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s (SRH) Centenary last month, weighing exactly 6 lbs. He’s not only Karthiga and Saran first baby, he’s also the first grandchild on both sides of their family.

    Karthiga and Saran, who live and grew up in Scarborough, decided to have their baby at Centenary because it is their community hospital — Saran was even a volunteer at the information desk when he was younger. They were referred to Dr. Damla by their family physician.

    “This is such special time because there are so many firsts that are new to our family,” says Karthiga.

    After Karthiga’s due date passed, she and Saran came in to Centenary the next morning for a scheduled induction with their obstetrician Dr. Garo Damla. That was at 10 a.m., and within five hours Karthiga was in active labour.

    “It all happened so much faster than I expected!” she says. “My team was amazing. They explained everything, and were really responsive to my questions and what I was telling them.”

    When Karthiga described the pain she was feeling, her labour and delivery nurse Josie Harrison decided to call Dr. Damla back to check on her an hour sooner than was planned. It turned out that Karthiga was far more dilated and ready to have the baby.

    A paediatric team was called because the baby’s heart rate had fallen, but after further testing the baby was confirmed to be just fine. It took Karthiga three pushes, and baby Rivan was born. “We are so happy with the care we received, and the way the doctors and staff looked after our safety,” says Karthiga, whose postpartum nurses were Socorro Santos and Carol Nkosi.

    Karthiga and Saran are now excited to share in the joy of their new addition with the rest of their family. Little Rivan was actually named by using the first initials of his grandparents. “This has been the most precious gift for my whole family,” says Karthiga.

    There are more than 6,000 births every year across SRH’s three hospital sites — Birchmount, General and Centenary. Karthiga was one of 35 moms to have their babies over the same weekend this May at SRH.


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