Close your eyes for a moment. Now, picture yourself in your ideal career. What does it look like? How will you get there? How does it connect your passion with your skills?

Whether you are beginning your career, continuing on your journey or changing direction, there is a lot to consider. Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH) has developed Code: Career – an extensive, first-of-its-kind program among hospitals in Ontario – geared towards the career development of current and future employees, students, volunteers and internationally educated professionals.

So get out there and discover possibilities you may have never imagined. Embrace change, seek opportunities to continually improve your skills and knowledge, and challenge yourself. SRH is here to support you every step of the way.


Beginning your career is an exciting journey, but with endless options pointing in many different directions, it can be difficult to decide just which path to choose. Learn more about #careercruze


The #volunteercruze program allows students to directly observe the roles of health care professionals working in the hospital, while learning the basic values of volunteering. The program is specifically designed to benefit young family members of our employees. Learn more about #volunteercruze.

#worldforce Day

#worldforce Day is a unique and innovative one-day conference to provide Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) with an opportunity to explore careers in health care, network with SRH staff, and learn strategies for career advancement in Ontario. Learn more about #worldforce Day.

Career Compass is a ground-breaking resource that provides career pathways, which outline specific health care roles and identify the uniqueness and importance of each role in the hospital. The resources details what to expect, how to qualify, useful information for short- and long-term planning, possible sources for financial support and links to resources for internationally educated professionals.

It also helps individuals to consider:

  • Development of a long-term vision for their career path, as well as an ultimate goal
  • Development of short-term goals to break the journey down into smaller, more achievable milestones
  • Consistent review of the plan to see if the vision has changed or if certain goals should be adjusted
  • Networking with others to gain further insight into the role
  • Enhancing communication skills, which are vital in any field
  • Finding a mentor. Someone trustworthy who can provide guidance
  • Embracing change and taking calculated risks
  • Continually seeking opportunities to improve skills and knowledge through continuing education
  • Challenging themselves, and having fun along the way!

This unique resource has not only been lauded by current and future employees, but has also been pursued by other hospitals in the province and acknowledged as leading practice.

Succession management is purposeful, strategic planning for leadership needs and is critical in meeting organizational goals. It is the most comprehensive process that identifies successors, develops them and is also directed at all management levels.

RISE & Shine is a comprehensive succession management planning program with a robust structure that establishes formal leadership development programs for our employees who have been identified as having high potential and readiness for an expanded role. This includes opportunities to augment leadership experience internally, as well as externally, i.e. mentorship programs, job rotations, stretch assignments and secondment prospects.

These leaders are high-potential employees who have both strong technical skills as well as the potential to develop strong leadership competencies. Succession management provides continuity in the leadership pipeline, and also develops a deeper capacity for achieving results. Every leader in an organization has a role to play in succession management planning.

The planning structure includes:

  • Step 1 – Identifying Potential Successors to Existing Management Positions
  • Step 2 – Group Evaluation of all Directors and Managers
  • Step 3 – Leadership Development Opportunities