• Released May 23, 2013

    Procedures and programs currently available through three clinics at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) will soon be delivered safely and at the same high level of care in a community setting or at a consolidated hospital location. The initiatives included in TSH’s Operating Plan for 2013-2014, have been confirmed as part of its approved Accountability Agreement with the Central East Local Health Integration Network. The hospital is working with community partners to maintain access to care and support outstanding care experiences that meet the unique needs of each and every patient.

    “Patients receiving certain routine procedures at the hospital can receive the same high-quality care in a community setting,” said Robert Biron, President and CEO. “The transfer of the clinics to the community is being carefully planned with our partners and physicians to support a smooth transition for patients.”

    “Through the consolidation of the outpatient physiotherapy clinic at our General campus, we can maintain access while delivering the program in a more efficient manner,” he added.

    Outpatient Physiotherapy Clinic Consolidated at General campus

    Consolidating all outpatient physiotherapy at the General campus provides the opportunity to become a Centre of Excellence while delivering care in a more efficient manner. Increased hours for the Outpatient Physiotherapy Clinic at the General will improve wait times and access for patients. It will also free up physiotherapists to work with patients on the units, providing the right care at the right time in the right place. Patients being booked for surgeries now will be instructed to use the consolidated program at the General. . Patients currently in treatment at the Birchmount will finish their treatment at the Birchmount. TSH is one of the few hospitals to retain a publicly funded outpatient physiotherapy program and this change ensures continued access of this service for the Scarborough community. The consolidation takes effect July 1, 2013.

    Outpatient Mental Health Redesign includes enhanced community partnership

    The Scarborough Hospital currently provides individual and group outpatient programming for adults located at the Birchmount and two satellite locations.

    As part of the program redesign, it was decided that outpatient programs be consolidated at one of TSH’s satellite locations with a standard automated referral, a streamlined intake process and rapid access to up to 12 sessions of individual therapy and a range of groups. A great deal of planning has been undertaken to ensure these changes are as smooth as possible and a team is in place to oversee the implementation of the consolidation plan.

    In addition to the changes to its outpatient programs, TSH has recently partnered with the Central East GTA Family Health Team to provide Shared Care. This is a collaborative model where a psychiatrist along with other members of the mental health team as needed, go into the Family Health Team office a few times each month to work with the family physicians and their staff to assess clients with mental health issues and to work collaboratively to plan treatment. This exciting collaborative model is being expanded to include other family practice offices in Scarborough.

    In addition to the one satellite clinic, TSH will continue to provide some outpatient services at Birchmount and community-funded programs such as Assertive Community Treatment will be provided at the satellite location. TSH will continue to provide a hospital-based inpatient program.

    Rheumatology Clinic Transferred to Community Providers

    The Rheumatology Clinic at the General campus serves a small, concentrated patient population during a limited number of hours one day per week. These services can be transitioned out of an acute hospital setting into a community clinic or doctor’s office where they can be delivered safely at the same high quality, providing the right care at the right place. All patients booked in the clinic until the end of June 2013 will continue to receive services at TSH. Through ongoing discussions, TSH is working with community partners and Rheumatologists to identify a list of available community clinics before June 29, 2013.

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