• Released February 11, 2014

    Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) and The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) invite the community to join a second set of interactive telephone town halls that will provide an update on the proposed merger and ask for community input.

    To ensure that they can join the call, community members must pre-register for the telephone town halls by leaving their name and phone number at the Leading for Patients website: Those who pre-register will receive a phone call that will connect them to a telephone town hall conversation.

    This phone technology can accommodate thousands of participants. A total of 16,000 community residents joined the two telephone town halls held in the fall of 2013, providing their valuable viewpoints and asking questions of hospital leaders.

    “Our hospitals are working closely together with a focus on improving health care and putting patients first,” said Rik Ganderton, President and CEO, RVHS. “Telephone town halls give us great opportunities to hear from as many residents as possible.”

    “Throughout this process, we have remained committed to an open and transparent process by engaging our community,” says Robert Biron, President and CEO, TSH. “We encourage everyone to participate – their views are valued and important to us.”

    Both CEOs will be joined by RVHS Chief of Staff Dr. Naresh Mohan and TSH Chief of Staff Dr. Tom Chan on the telephone town halls.

    Telephone Town Halls: February 26, 27 and March 5

    Participants may choose one of three telephone town halls, which are scheduled as follows:

    • Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00 pm;
    • Thursday, February 27 at 7:55pm; and
    • Wednesday, March 5 at 7:05 pm.

    Please note that the topics to be discussed are the same for all of the telephone town halls.

    Questions will be asked of participants by the call hosts in order to document their views. Callers can respond to questions by pressing a number on their dial pad. They can also ask questions of hospital leaders and make comments.

    The benefits of a merged hospital corporation include:

    • Improved access to health care services and improved quality, which means:
      • More clinical expertise available to residents locally in Scarborough and west Durham;
      • Repatriation of patients, who currently receive care outside of our communities, to our local hospitals;
      • Ability to attract more specialist doctors for advanced care through the four hospital campuses;
      • Improved patient coordination and transitions of care among the hospitals, with community services and in home care;
      • More centres of excellence (specialized services) and regional programs in years to come; and;
      • Development of ambulatory centres/clinics for same day care.
    • Benefits of a merger will especially be realized in the longer-term as the hospitals position themselves to better serve their communities, create a shared vision for a transformed local health care system, address fiscal challenges together, and take advantage of the fast changing health care environment.
    • The new hospital corporation will be more resilient and better positioned to take advantage of the province’s new patient-based funding formula, by focusing on increasing both quality and efficiency.

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