• Compassion of TSH Surgeon a Life Changing Experience for Patient
    Published December 11, 2013

    Radica Bhawani-Clatworthy had never been a patient in hospital before. So when the Scarborough senior learned she had to have emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder this past May, she was understandably scared and nervous. But some simple acts of reassurance and compassion from surgeon Dr. Saul Mandelbaum made all the difference in getting her through a stressful experience.

    On May 27, Radica visited the Emergency Department at the General campus feeling unwell. After some initial testing, she was informed her gallbladder would have to be removed.

    “Perhaps for some people this would be no big deal, but by the time I reached the surgical suite, I was quite emotional,” explained Radica. “I was afraid I was going to die, but Dr. Mandelbaum came and held my hand and comforted me.”

    As she was put under anesthesia, Radica remembers Dr. Mandelbaum continuing to reassure her. “He was the last person I saw.”

    Radica’s surgery went well and the long time Scarborough resident says she’s feeling much better.

    “I don’t have the pain I used to and feel like I have a new life,” she says. “I have the highest respect for Dr. Mandelbaum and the entire team at The Scarborough Hospital.”

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