• Published December 3, 2015

    This past month has been quite an exciting one for everyone here at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH). On November 18 and 19, we marked 90 years of service to the Scarborough community with events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Birchmount campus, as well as the upcoming 60th anniversary of the General campus in 2016. As much as these events paid tribute to our proud history, they also marked the official launch of TSH’s new tagline Local in Spirit. Global in Care, now featured on the hospital’s updated logo.

    Our 90th anniversary events were truly the perfect place to introduce this new tagline. The words Local in Spirit speak to our deep roots in Scarborough and how proud we are to embody the strong, tenacious spirit of our community. When Scarborough General Hospital (now our General campus) opened its doors on May 12, 1956, the hospital was surrounded by farmland and Lawrence Avenue and McCowan Road were nothing more than dirt roads. Over the years, Scarborough has evolved into the vibrant, diverse community we know today. And, as Scarborough has continued to transform, so has our hospital along with it.

    Global in Care reflects this unwavering focus and passion to understand the unique health care needs of our global community and what makes our corner of Toronto so remarkable. We strive to ensure that every single person who seeks our help – from those who call Scarborough home to those living further afield; from the recently arrived to those who have lived here for generations – receives the highest level of care in a welcoming, inclusive, and healing environment.

    Global in Care also signifies our longstanding history of innovation to improve health care locally, within Ontario, and even across Canada and internationally. Consider just a few of our ‘firsts’:

    • The first burn unit in Canada opened at Scarborough General Hospital in 1968;
    • In 1988, we were the first hospital in Ontario to introduce the labour, delivery, recovery, and post-partum model of care, providing all care to new moms in the same hospital room;
    • We were the first community hospital to administer “clot-busting drugs” in 30 minutes or less in 1994;
    • We pioneered universal screening for Sickle Cell disease for all newborns in 1996 – a process that was ultimately adopted at all Ontario hospitals;
    • In 2010, we launched the first formal, non-volunteer based Doula program at an Ontario hospital;
    • In 2014, TSH became the first hospital in Canada to deliver Internet-Assisted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as part of our Mental Health Adult Outpatient Program; and,
    • We launched our first-in-Canada Centre for Integrative Medicine with the University of Toronto in 2014, which is focused on helping health care providers and patients make informed choices about the safe and effective use of complementary therapies alongside Western medicine.

    These are just a few examples of the extensive health system leadership we have demonstrated over the years. In recognition of our 90th anniversary, we have launched a special website – – that includes a full list of our many historical milestones. The website is also a place where everyone can share their greatest memories of TSH. Those who share their memories with us by May 2016 will be entered into a draw to win a prize.

    I often end my messages with a thank you. However, it’s quite an exceptional honour to be able to extend these sentiments as President and CEO of TSH during such a momentous point in our organization’s history. So, to our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, donors, and community, thank you for the contributions you have made to our rich history, as well as your continued support that is helping us to build an even brighter future.

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