• Designation Allows TSH To Provide More Advanced Care To Premature Infants
    Released December 4, 2014

    The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) has designated the General campus Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) a Level IIC as defined by the standardized levels of maternal and newborn care from the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH).

    “Designating the General campus NICU a Level IIC is important both for new mothers and babies alike,” said Dr. Peter Azzopardi, Medical Director and Corporate Chief of Paediatrics at TSH.

    “It means that our hospital can enhance its services to provide a higher level of intensive care for sick newborns, keeping more families and their babies closer to home.”

    TSH’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care (MNCC) program has demonstrated leadership in Scarborough and in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

    Since 2012, TSH has had the best rates in the GTA for providing women with a successful vaginal birth after caesarean section, as measured by the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s (CIHI) Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP). In addition, the hospital’s performance in Ontario’s pregnancy, birth and childhood registry – known as the Better Outcomes Registry and Network, or BORN – not only exceeds our peer hospitals, but in many cases rates ahead of the entire province.

    TSH’s MNCC program also scores higher than the average for GTA hospitals and other hospitals in the province in several key areas related to patient feedback, including:

    • patient satisfaction with doctors and nurses;
    • answering questions and explaining test results;
    • trusting the care team; and,
    • paying close attention to the continuity of care by discussing, prior to discharge, things like medications and warning signs or potential changes in a patient’s condition.

    “Patient-centred care in a collaborative environment is our core foundation. Our interprofessional team is composed of dedicated support staff, nurses, midwives and physicians that ensure the best possible evidenced-based care for our community,” adds Dr. Nathan Roth and Dr. Georgina Wilcock, Co-Medical Directors, Obstetrics, at TSH.  “Recently, additional obstetricians and midwives were added to our team.”

    “We are committed to and respect the diversity of our patient population by assisting our expectant mothers in giving birth their way, according to their preferences, customs and beliefs.”

    Expectant parents at TSH benefit from a wide variety of programs, such as pre-natal tours and classes, an early pregnancy assessment clinic, a breastfeeding clinic, and an umbilical cord partnership with Inception Lifebank Cord Blood Program.

    In addition, TSH is revitalizing the Family Maternity Centre at the Birchmount campus, which will be supported by The Scarborough Hospital Foundation’s exciting, new “I Support My Scarborough Hospital” campaign.

    “’Bringing Life to our Community’ is how we’ve termed our care and delivery experience,” said Barb Scott, Patient Care Director of the MNCC program.

    “It’s about working with our families to help them prepare, deliver and adjust to one of life’s most special and exciting events.”

    For more information on the MNCC program, visit the TSH website.

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