• Released September 10, 2014

    Five years ago, The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) set upon a new Vision: to be recognized as Canada’s leader in providing the best health care for a global community. Today, TSH releases its first Diversity and Inclusion Report, which celebrates the many ways the hospital has worked to achieve this Vision.

    “It’s truly an honour to be part of a hospital that is not only focused on delivering the highest quality patient care, but providing this care in the most equitable, respectful and responsive way possible,” says Robert Biron, President and CEO of TSH.

    “I am very proud of this report and all that we have accomplished in creating such a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone at our hospital.”

    “TSH was one of the first hospitals in the province to dedicate a department to meet the changing needs of our community nearly 20 years ago,” adds Rhonda Lewis, Vice President, Human Resources and Patient Relations at TSH.

    “Diversity took on even greater importance with the launch of our Strategic Plan in 2009, becoming a key strategic priority for the entire hospital. Through the dedication and hard work of our staff, physicians, volunteers and community partners, we have made diversity, equity and inclusion a fundamental part of how we operate at TSH.”

    The TSH Diversity and Inclusion Report describes the many initiatives that have contributed to this success over the last five years . Some notable examples include:

    • A comprehensive program to assist patients who encounter language barriers at the hospital, including on-site, phone and sign language interpretation, as well as signage, wayfinding and patient
      materials in multiple languages;
    • A Chronic Disease Prevention Model that provides an equitable approach to how care should be delivered based on each person’s distinct needs;
    • Engaging in a number of academic research studies to help the hospital better understand how to deliver care to a diverse community;
    • A Performance Development and Review Process that includes evaluating staff on their ‘Interpersonal and Diversity Fluency’;
    • A dynamic educational curriculum for staff and physicians to support education around diversity,
      equity and inclusion, including mandatory training for management staff on how to lead a diverse workforce;
    • The opening of the Global Community Resource Centre in June 2012 in partnership with 14 community agencies in Scarborough in order to empower patients and families with increased health literacy and better access to community services; and
    • Leading over 1,000 community outreach and engagement activities to help our community better understand their health care options, navigate services and provide input on hospital programs and
      service delivery.

    The 2009-2014 Diversity and Inclusion Report is available on The Scarborough Hospital’s website.

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