• Exhale Wellness Centres Open for Staff
    Published August 20, 2013

    Best practices research shows that healthy providers working in healthy work environments deliver better healthcare to their patients.

    Over the years, The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) has launched a number of employee wellness programs designed to contribute to that healthy provider/healthy workplace goal, including smoking cessation programs, on-site fitness facilities and various healthy eating programs. This week, TSH expanded that list with the opening of Exhale – two new wellness centres designed to encourage employees to nurture and care for their own personal well-being.

    “Keeping our staff healthy, happy and safe is a priority at TSH,” says Karen Dobbie, Director of Human Resources at TSH. “We are committed to supporting our staff in all areas of their professional and personal growth to ensure a strong team that works together and is able to provide outstanding care to our global community.”

    The centres were created as part of an overall rejuvenation of the TSH wellness program “Balance – Make Health Happen,” and were established in the quiet space of the hospital’s Health Information and Resource Centres. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide a quiet space outside of busy work areas for employees to relax and refresh during breaks.

    In addition to positively impacting quality of care, employee wellness programs have also been shown to reduce organizational costs by reducing absenteeism and employee turnover. A recent study published in the journal Health Affairs showed that every dollar spent on wellness programs resulted in a savings of $2.73 in absenteeism costs and more than $3 in medical costs.

    Other initiatives currently at TSH include:

    • Wellness:
      Smoking Cessation Programs
      Weight Watchers at Work
      Farmers’ Markets
      Health Wise Choices in the cafeterias
    • Fitness:
      Two 24-hour onsite fitness centres offer a variety of fitness classes including yoga, cardio, strength training and dance
      Dragon Boat Racing
      Goodlife corporate membership
    • Recognition:
      Annual Recognition Ceremonies
      Long-service Recognition Dinner
      Staff appreciation events
      Retirement celebrations
    • Safety:
      Ergonomist Consult
      Award-Winning Influenza Campaign
      Health & Safety Training
      WHMIS Training
      Workplace Violence Prevention Training

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