• Released September 22, 2014

    Infrastructure upgrades at The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH) General campus are significantly reducing the amount of water and electricity the hospital uses.

    Since August 2012, TSH has been working with Ameresco Canada Inc., a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, to implement an energy savings project for its General campus. The project is meant to create a more comfortable indoor environment, reduce long-term operating costs, and meet stringent environmental standards set by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

    Changes to date include: replacing the chillers responsible for air conditioning with two energy-efficient models; installation of a heat exchanger that will provide cooling in the winter at a fraction of the previous costs; boiler plant upgrades to reduce boiler fan power consumption; better air-handling controls; replacement of faulty steam traps; installation of energy-efficient lighting in the visitor parking garage; and upgrading toilets, urinals and faucets to reduce water consumption.

    “These efforts have resulted in some very impressive improvements that have been well received by patients, staff and visitors,” said Tyler Crocker, Director, Environment and Facilities at TSH.

    “For instance, the hospital now uses 70% less energy in the General campus visitor parking garage and is reducing Green House Gas emissions in this area by 23 tonnes per year – the equivalent of taking five cars off the road.

    The upgrades to toilets, urinals and faucets are saving over 22,600 cubic metres of water each year. This is equivalent to the annual water usage of 72 single family homes, nine Olympic sized swimming pools, or two per cent of the City of Toronto’s average daily water use.”

    All of the upgrades were financed at no cost to the hospital and are funded solely by the energy cost-savings generated by the retrofits over the long term.

    “We are delighted to work with The Scarborough Hospital to aid the hospital in meeting their efficiency and sustainability goals,” said Mario Iusi, Senior Vice President of Sales, Ameresco Canada.

    “These energy improvements have not only enhanced the comfort of the facility for patients and staff, but have also provided important environmental benefits and energy cost-savings.”

    TSH and Ameresco will continue to implement a number of other energy and renewal measures at the General campus, including comprehensive lighting retrofits in all hospital wings and parking lots, energy savings strategies to reduce costs associated with chilled water pumping, boiler plant upgrades to recover waste heat, and further improvements to the building’s air-handling and pump controls. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by June 2015.

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