• Hi, I’m Isabella Downer, And This Is My Patient Experience
    Published November 26, 2014

    When Isabella Downer arrived at The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH) Emergency Department (ED) at the Birchmount campus back in September, she wasn’t looking forward to her visit there.

    “A lot of people I know who are elderly, like myself, always talk about how they’re treated in an off-handed manner or are neglected when they go to the hospital,” she says. “I thought it was going to be the same for me when I arrived at The Scarborough Hospital’s ED.”

    Before Isabella arrived at TSH’s ED, she remembers first suffering from sudden chest pain and then consequently fainting from the pain, resulting in multiple injuries including a broken nose, a concussion and whiplash. She was transported via ambulance to TSH’s Birchmount campus for treatment. Her fears of how she would be treated while in hospital were quickly quashed upon arrival at the ED.

    In her words, every staff member in the ED and later, the Acute Care Unit, were “incredibly patient and kind”.

    “What a revelation it was to see the honest concern and kindness demonstrated by staff at such a worrying time in my life. It was a grand relief!” Isabella says. “They are all so very busy and rushed, but yet, they were able to provide such compassionate and high standards of service. I am indeed blessed.”

    One TSH staff member in particular that really stood out to Isabella was Dr. Michael Ling.

    “Dr. Ling followed up the next two days after my visit to check to see if I had a temperature and to make sure I was okay; it was very impressive,” she says.

    As it turns out, aside from a broken nose and whiplash, Isabella’s chest pain turned out to be nothing of great concern. After multiple tests, her pain was a result of extreme indigestion.

    “Turns out I had some stomach issues and it caused immense pain; so much so, it caused me to faint,” Isabella says. “It was quite a relief to find out it wasn’t anything too serious.”

    Although she’s still nursing some injuries, Isabella is incredibly pleased overall by the care she received at TSH.

    “I want to send my kindest regards to all the brilliant people that took care of me. If I could, I would give each of them a huge hug,” she says with a smile.

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