• Hi, I’m Mavis Wong, And This Is My Patient Experience
    Published October 15, 2014

    When Mavis Wong found out that her mother, Angela Lee had to get her gallbladder out at age 61, she was nervous, to say the least.

    “Surgery is a frightening experience; for the patient and their family,” says Mavis. “When you think about what a surgery entails, it’s a bit nerve-wracking.”

    However, Mavis says that as soon as she talked with one of the nurses, Karen Lau, at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) – where the surgery would take place, performed by Dr. Arthur Chiu – her fears slightly dissipated.

    “Karen did my mom’s prep and she helped ease our fears. She explained everything that we should do before the surgery and everything that we could expect after,” she says. “Karen was thorough and confident; making us feel more confident in the process. She also speaks Cantonese, which is my mother’s native language, and was able to speak directly to my mother, which made the experience more personal and understandable for my mother. Mom really appreciated that.”

    Following Angela’s surgery, which went without a hitch, Mavis and her family continued to be impressed with the experience at TSH.

    “Right after my mom’s surgery, Dr. Chiu came out and spoke with us about how the surgery went and my mom’s status,” says Mavis. “It was nice to have the doctor come and out and communicate to the family – it really put us all at ease.”

    And, the exceptional level of care didn’t stop there says Mavis.

    “The nurse that took care of my mom, Glenda (Osmond-Hammond), had a great bedside manner and was attentive to my mother’s needs,” she says. “She monitored my mother’s blood pressure, which kept wavering up and down, and would tell us why it was doing that. She talked with us directly, making us feel human.”

    Angela has fully recovered and is up and running around, since having her surgery in late August. Mavis says she is impressed overall with how staff at TSH treated her mother during her stay at the hospital.

    “There are a lot of competent people working at TSH. They have the answers and are very organized,” says Mavis. “You feel like a person, rather than a number.”

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