• Hi, I’m Michael Stern, And This Is My Patient Experience
    Published September 30, 2014

    Facing cancer is an overwhelming experience – one that Michael Stern knows all too well.

    “I was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago,” he says. “They discovered it during a routine examination. My Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels were abnormal, which prompted my doctor to order a biopsy and CAT scan. Following these tests, they confirmed that it was prostate cancer and that I needed to undergo surgery.”

    In August, Michael underwent a radical prostatectomy – a surgery to remove the prostate gland – in hopes to remove the cancer.

    The surgery, performed by Dr. Nick Logarakis at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH), went as planned, and Michael was transferred to the Acute Care Unit (ACU) in the hospital to recover. While in the unit, Michael was impressed by the level of care he received. He was especially pleased with one Registered Nurse, Uzziel Hernandez, who set the tone for his entire recovery at TSH.

    “Uzziel was the first person to take care of me when I was in recovery in the ACU. She was kind, personable and talkative,” he says. “Her sunny personality made me feel a lot better and I truly believe it helped speed up my recovery. She went above and beyond what was needed and provided exceptional care.”

    Michael says that he asked for her name because he figured she would be the exception, but admits he was wrong.

    “It turns out that every nurse, doctor and staff member who attended to me during my time in the ACU went well beyond what was needed,” says Michael. “One nurse went as far as getting me earplugs because I was having difficulty sleeping over the sound of intravenous machine. It was very nice of her.”

    Within three days of his surgery and recovery in the ACU, Michael was healed enough to be able to get up and walk around. He left the hospital that same day.

    He insists his speedy recovery was a result of the excellent care he received during and after his surgery.

    “I can’t stress how much of a difference a pleasant personality makes in helping the recovery process. I can’t imagine any other hospital providing better care,” says Michael.

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