• Released August 25, 2016

    We are pleased to hear that the Central East LHIN is supportive of our intent to move forward with the proposed integration of Lakeridge Health with Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering, and the amalgamation of The Scarborough Hospital and Rouge Valley Centenary.

    This is good news for residents of Scarborough and Durham. The proposed integrations will ensure that health services will continue to be responsive to the needs of all communities. The integrations will also ensure that the hospitals provide appropriate access, deliver an outstanding care experience for patients, and use resources efficiently to keep these services sustainable well into the future. Most of all, this will ensure future infrastructure improvements including new hospitals in Scarborough and Durham. We will continue to move forward with the integration proposals, building stronger, fully integrated hospital systems for the communities of Scarborough and Durham.

    For more information on the proposed integration, visit the Central East LHIN website.

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