• Released April 10, 2013

    A Leadership Committee with representatives from the Boards of The Scarborough Hospital and the Rouge Valley Health System, administrative and medical leadership and the Scarborough community will begin meeting in the next few weeks to start working on an integration plan for the three hospitals campuses in Scarborough – Rouge Valley Centenary, The Scarborough Hospital – Birchmount and The Scarborough Hospital – General.

    This follows the March 27th meeting of the Board of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) directing The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) to partner with Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) in a facilitated integration planning process to design and implement a Scarborough Cluster hospital services delivery model.

    With the goal of having a proposed Integration Plan developed by early September, the Leadership Committee, with direction from the Boards of the two hospitals and the support of the LHIN, will lay out a work plan that will include receiving reports from the panel reviewing the Maternal Newborn and Women’s Health and Surgical Models first proposed for The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) during TSH’s recent Strategic Plan Refresh and a team developing a future state model for an integrated Maternal-Child- Youth model for the whole Scarborough Cluster.

    External clinical experts and local community representatives will form the panel reviewing the proposed models for TSH’s two campuses. Their report, which is expected to be completed in early June, will include addressing concerns raised by physicians and local residents after the models were shared publically in early March. At the same time, physician and program leadership from the two hospital corporations, along with senior nursing leaders, midwives and community leaders will be working on a new Scarborough cluster model for Maternal-Child-Youth services. Their report is expected in mid-July.

    Additional workgroups to look at back office integration opportunities, governance and leadership and other clinical areas may also be created to support the process.


    “The LHIN has a mandate to promote integration opportunities across the healthcare system that will lead to better care, better health and better value for money for our communities. I am encouraged that the hospitals and their Boards are moving quickly to start the facilitated integration process and look forward to receiving regular updates at our open board meetings.”

    -Wayne Gladstone, Chair, Central East LHIN Board of Directors

    “We fully support the concept of service integration for the benefit of all patients in the Central East LHIN and Scarborough in particular. In the reality of constrained healthcare dollars we have to organize our services to sustain access and increase quality to meet our community’s needs.”

    -Joan Wideman, Chair, Rouge Valley Health System Board of Directors

    “The three Scarborough hospital campuses have worked together in the past and the LHIN’s motions on March 27th now provide the clear direction on what is expected. The integration process will allow us to look at how the three hospital campuses in Scarborough can deliver high quality acute care services in a planned and integrated way for local residents, while recognizing the financial pressures both organizations are facing and the transformation of Ontario’s healthcare system.”

    -Dr. John Wright, President and CEO, The Scarborough Hospital


    To learn more, please visit the Central East LHIN website and click on the “Resource Documents- Integration – Scarborough Cluster Hospitals Facilitated Integration” page.

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