• “I look forward to coming to work to what the day has in store for me.”
    Published October 11, 2017

    October 8 to 14 is Emergency Nurses Week and as we recognize the compassionate, high quality care our Emergency nurses deliver each and every day, we also wanted to provide the chance for you to hear directly from them. This year, we asked an Emergency nurse from each of our sites to share why they love working in Emergency nursing and serving our diverse community.

    Gloria Macdonald, an RN at our Centenary site, shares her story.

    Why did you choose to work in Emergency Nursing?

    The fast pace of care and high patient acuity initially drew me to the Emergency department. There is never a dull moment! Whether attending to an unconscious patient brought in by EMS, or a child with shortness of breath, I am constantly challenged. We see patients of all ages from birth to old age, and medical concerns across all disciplines. After 30 years working in the Emergency department, I look forward to coming to work to what the day has in store for me.

    What do you find rewarding about working at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH) and in Scarborough?

    There are many rewarding aspects to working as an RN in the Emergency department. As a member of the interdisciplinary team, I feel valued in my role and the part I play in patient care. When I see the patients I helped treat leave the department in better health then when they arrived, or advocate for our vulnerable community members, or provide education to patients and family members to better manage their health, I feel rewarded in my role.

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