• If We Can Stick It to the Flu, So Can You!
    Published November 4, 2015

    The flu is nothing to sneeze at, and with that in mind, The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) is rolling back the curtain on its new Stick It to the Flu campaign video.

    Featuring Dr. Peter Azzopardi, Chief of Paediatrics at TSH, the video stars a group of children who are sticking it to the flu – literally. Along with emphasizing importance of getting your flu shot and clearing up some myths surrounding the vaccine, the children are seen eliminating the flu virus by killing the animated flu mascot as they each receive their flu shot.

    TSH encourages you to visit your family physician or pharmacist to get your free flu shot this year. Here are five reasons for protecting yourself and your family:

    1. Even if you’re healthy, you need the vaccine. Vaccinations are your first line of defense against the flu, and they are safe and effective.
    2. Getting a flu shot is part of a healthy lifestyle. When you get vaccinated against the flu, you build up your immunity, making you stronger and more resistant to the virus.
    3. You can’t catch the flu from the flu vaccine. There may be other reasons why you might still get sick after getting a flu shot. For example, it takes about two weeks to get protection from the vaccine, or you may have picked up a non-flu virus before or after you got the flu shot.
    4. According to the province’s Let’s Get Fluless campaign, an Ontario study showed that every year, the flu vaccine eliminates 30,000 visits to hospital emergency departments. It also prevents approximately 300 deaths and 1,000 hospitalizations.
    5. The flu vaccine is recommended during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, as pregnant women and newborns are at high risk for complications of influenza.

    If we can Stick It to the Flu, so can you!

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