• Published September 16, 2014

    Bradley Campbell was riding his bicycle along a bike path in Toronto this past Canada Day weekend, when a woman crossed his path, causing him to swerve and be thrown from his bike.

    Suffering from many significant injuries including multiple cuts and bruises, Bradley decided to wait it out until he was back home in British Columbia where he was already scheduled to see his family physician the following week. However, a few days later, he changed his mind.

    “While I originally thought I would simply suffer through the pain until I could see my Vancouver-based primary care provider the following week, I had to change that plan when I woke up a couple of days later,” says Bradley. “I started to have fluid building up in my right lung and it was making it difficult to breathe.”

    Knowing that The Scarborough Hospital has the lowest overall Emergency Department (ED) wait times in the Greater Toronto Area, Bradley drove straight to the Birchmount campus to have his breathing investigated. He was “so glad that he did”.

    At first, the doctor, Dr. David Borenstein, examined Bradley’s breathing and thought it might be a collapsed lung; however, after further investigation of the condition of Bradley’s lungs, Dr. Borenstein decided that he had bruised and cracked ribs that were causing the pain and inhibiting normal breathing. After some rest and relaxation, as well as anti-inflammatory medication, Bradley followed up with his family doctor back home in British Columbia and is doing much better now because of the efficiency and care demonstrated by staff in the ED at the Birchmount campus.

    “The entire process – from triage to registration through to the examination, x-ray and discharge – was positive,” says Bradley. “I did not experience any delays in care, and everyone I interacted with was professional and caring. I cannot identify any aspect of the care process that could have been improved. Your hospital is a well-oiled machine and you can see the organization’s emphasis on quality of care.”

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