• Released April 23, 2014

    Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) and The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) are proceeding with a joint integration plan for select services, building on their extensive work from the facilitated integration process of the last year.

    “Both TSH and RVHS remain committed to integration of services. We will focus opportunities that align with the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) priorities as identified in the 2009 Hospitals Clinical Services Plan and 2013 Integrated Health Services Plan,” said Rik Ganderton, RVHS President and CEO.

    “As part of the facilitated integration process undertaken over the past year, the hospital teams identified a number of opportunities to improve and better coordinate patient services for our community,” said Robert Biron, TSH President and CEO. “Those opportunities will be further explored and the hospitals will continue to actively engage our staff, physicians, and community throughout this process.”

    Although RVHS and TSH are not proceeding with a merger at this time, the two hospitals have been working together to prepare a joint plan for moving ahead with integration strategies as directed by the Central East LHIN at their Board meeting on March 26. The integration opportunities presented in the joint plan leverage the collaborative workbook development process that was completed last year and build on ongoing regional planning activities that are already underway.

    The hospitals’ joint public website,, will continue to be used as a means to keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process.

    The integration opportunities, identified by the two hospitals, fall into four categories:

    • Planning for maternal, neonatal and paediatric services, which addresses the Central East LHIN Board directive;
    • Opportunities identified in the 2013 integration workbooks, which were prepared as part of the facilitated integration process;
    • New integrations to advance health system transformation in Scarborough; and
    • Regional planning opportunities that build on existing initiatives.

    Planning and implementation will occur later this year and into 2015. Progress reports by the hospitals will continue to be made at the public meetings of the Central East LHIN Board of Directors.

    For more information, view the presentation that was delivered at the Central East LHIN Board meeting.

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