• “It’s worth the drive to Scarborough”
    Published September 1, 2016

    Lillian Ander, who received care in the Emergency Department at the Birchmount campus.

    The Ander family knows a thing or two about hospital settings. Linda Ander’s husband, Mark, works in the medical profession, and her mother, Lillian, has visited other hospitals for various concerns.

    When Lillian, visited the Emergency Department (ED) at The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH) Birchmount campus, she and her family were more than impressed.

    “The care our mother received by the doctors and nursing staff at TSH was comparable to world-renowned medical facilities,” said Linda. “I really believe that TSH is a little gem being kept secret.”

    When Lillian began experiencing weakness at home, she called 911 and an ambulance brought her to TSH’s ED where she was seen and cared for very quickly. Her blood pressure was high enough that the doctors determined further assessment was needed. Lillian was admitted to the hospital.

    At the time of her incident, the ED at North York General Hospital was redirecting ambulances. While TSH is not the closest hospital to Lillian’s home, the family feels lucky that they were brought here. “The care and attention that my mother received at TSH was very much worth the ride,” said Linda.

    Once admitted, Lillian received three referrals that day and post-discharge, she returned for follow-up appointments.

    A gastroenterologist, cardiologist, and nephrologist at TSH each assessed Lillian. The physicians consulted with each other and discovered that the combination of medication Lillian was taking for her chronic high blood pressure was releasing instantly, rather than over several hours as it was intended. This left Lillian unprotected for the vast part of the day and night. The comfort of this discovery was a relief for her.

    Further assessment addressed Lillian’s physical ability and weakness. At 89, she was not strong enough to get around on her own. She was referred to physiotherapy where she learned how to use her walker more effectively.

    “Our family was impressed with the assessment, referrals, and therapy our mother received,” stated Linda. “We left the hospital with more than a solution to her problem. My mother felt confident that she would soon return to even better health than before her hospitalization.” As it turns out, Lillian is now walking without the aid of an assistive device and is feeling 100 per cent better.

    Linda also admitted that her mother was reluctant to leave TSH because “she had received such great care from her nurses and doctors – plus she really liked the food!”

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