• Published June 19, 2013

    As you know, on May 31 an Expert Panel was convened as a result of a Central East LHIN directive to review The Scarborough Hospital’s consolidation plans for the Maternal Newborn and Women’s Health and Surgical models that was proposed under the Strategic Plan Refresh (SPR). The Panel received 34 delegations throughout the day. The report of the Panel is expected to be delivered sometime this week.

    The Chair of the TSH Board of Directors, Stephen Smith, has called a special, open Board meeting for Monday, June 24 at 7:30 p.m. to receive the Panel’s Report. The Chair of the Expert Panel, Dr. Blair Egerdie, will be presenting the report to the TSH Board of Directors at that time. The report will be public at that time and made readily available through our normal communication channels, including having it posted on the TSH website.

    I wish to remind you that the mandate of the Expert Panel was to review the risks associated with the proposed service consolidations contemplated in the SPR. The Panel’s work and report is not intended to approve, deny, action or decide next steps relating to the service consolidations. How we choose to move forward ultimately rests with the TSH administrative and medical leadership and the Board.

    Personally, at this time I have not drawn any conclusions about the efficacy and strength of the SPR service consolidations. Instead, I have taken the time to hear the various perspectives from our stakeholders, and to read through the “mountains” of information on these matters. I also look forward to reading the Expert Panel Report to further inform myself.

    Regardless of the content of the Expert Panel Report, I believe it’s important to share with you my intentions in terms of next steps. The Panel Report will not automatically result in any action by TSH management or the Board. Instead, collectively we need to step back and reflect on the Panel’s feedback and advice. Further, we need to reflect on the past year’s events and identify lessons learned that can be applied moving forward.

    Finally, given the Central East LHIN’s direction to have TSH enter into facilitated integration discussions with Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS), I believe this work will supersede the SPR service consolidations. As previously announced, this evening at our respective open Board meetings, the TSH and RVHS Boards are receiving the proposed Planning Framework recommended by the Integration Leadership Committee.

    Should you have any questions about these matters, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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