• Released October 23, 2013

    The next time you visit your local movie theatre, you may see Georgina Dunstan on the big screen.

    The Ajax grandmother and active Canadian Cancer Society volunteer is one of several cancer survivors featured in a series of powerful public services announcements (PSAs) aimed at boosting screening for breast, cervical and colon cancer.

    The PSAs arrived in Cineplex theatres in Scarborough and Oshawa at the beginning of October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and will play throughout November and December. They can also be viewed on our website at

    In the PSAs, Georgina and others urge viewers to talk to their family doctor about being screened for breast, colon and cervical cancer because, “it could save your life.”

    Georgina credits a mammogram she had 11 years ago with saving her life. “I hadn’t been for a mammogram for about five years. Everything was always fine, and it didn’t even occur to me that I could have breast cancer,” she says.

    Cancer Care Ontario recommends women aged 50 to 74 be screened with mammography every two years. Regular breast screening through a mammogram (or breast x‐ray) can find cancer when it is small, less likely to spread, and usually has a better chance of being treated successfully.

    “Last year we screened more than 6,000 patients through the Ontario Breast Screening Program, and provided more than 6,300 additional diagnostic mammographic procedures,” says Sari Greenwood, Patient Care Manager at The Scarborough Hospital. “We also recently hired a breast nurse navigator to provide coordinated care, emotional support and education to ensure our patients are fully supported throughout their journey.”

    Breast screening clinics are offered at The Scarborough Hospital, and more information can be found by visiting

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