• Published May 13, 2015

    May 11 to 17 marks National Nursing Week in Canada and – as always – we are taking this opportunity to recognize the outstanding nursing team at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) for their hard work and commitment to our patients and community.

    Nursing Week has a special significance for TSH this year, as we celebrate becoming a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) candidate from the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO).

    By being the first hospital in the Central East Local Health Integration Network to acquire BPSO candidacy status, TSH continues to lead by example. It is a testament to our hospital’s longstanding focus on delivering high quality care in a safe environment.

    From leading results in the province’s pregnancy, birth and childhood registry, to a perfect score in a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board safety audit, and a near perfect score in a laboratory accreditation, TSH has instilled best practices throughout the organization.

    BPSOs are health care and academic organizations selected by the RNAO to implement and evaluate its internationally acclaimed best practice guidelines (BPGs). It is a dynamic partnership that focuses on making a positive impact on patient care though evidence-based practice. TSH is poised to be officially designated as a BPSO in 2018, upon successful completion of our three-year candidacy. Throughout our candidacy, TSH will implement eight RNAO BPGs that will improve the health and well-being of our patients.

    Implementing the BPGs will promote collaboration among the many health care professionals at TSH. As an RNAO-led initiative, the BPSO work will be especially useful in helping us optimize the role our nurses have in the hospital. And even beyond our walls, there will also be opportunities for collaboration with a number of our community partners during our candidacy.

    Naturally, the biggest value will be for our patients. By formally implementing these guidelines, we are committing to the highest standard of excellence in care to all of our patients, from the elderly, to people living with chronic disease, to vulnerable young families, and more.

    We have created a section on the TSH website that will highlight the hospital’s BPSO progress, and where we will share stories about hospital champions and patients who are benefitting from this work.

    Our Nursing Week celebrations this year also recognize five members of our frontline staff who have been nominated for two outstanding awards focused on exceptional skills and dedication to patients. Registered Nurses Avelina Butean, Carlene McLean, and Laura Tindall were nominated for the Toronto Star’s 14th annual Nightingale Awards. In addition, Registered Practical Nurse Kirstin Anderson and Patient Care Manager Meredith DePaulsen were nominated for a Hospital News Nursing Hero Award. Congratulations go out to these talented individuals for their well-deserved nominations!

    I hope you will follow us on our journey as we work to achieve the prestigious BPSO designation and continue to deliver world-class care to our global community.

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