• Mom Chooses To Deliver Her Second Child At TSH
    Published September 10, 2013

    Kelly Gaudette lives more than 30km away, yet she chose to have her second baby at The Scarborough Hospital because she knew she would be given the option of a vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC). Nine months ago, she delivered her daughter Sydney, just the way she had hoped.

    Kelly delivered her first child, Noah, by caesarean-section (c-section) due to his position in the womb. She really didn’t want a c-section, but opted for it because of the circumstances. After delivery, she developed a blood clot in her leg and had to see a specialist.

    “No one could say if the blood clot developed as a result of the surgery,” says Kelly. “But when I got pregnant again, I didn’t want to risk any complications. I’m not really the type of person who would elect for surgery, and I wanted to have a vaginal birth. So, I talked to my doctor about my options.”

    Both her family doctor and Obstetrician were supportive from the very beginning. Her family doctor thought Kelly was a good candidate for a VBAC and referred her to TSH obstetrician Dr. Karen Hew who agreed that medically, everything looked good for a VBAC.

    “Many of my friends, including some who are nurses, told me they didn’t think my doctor would allow a VBAC,” says Kelly.

    Kelly doesn’t regret the decision for a minute.

    When her first was born, he was whisked away immediately to the neo-natal intensive care unit and she didn’t get to see or hold him for about 11 hours.

    “But I got to hold Sydney right away,” remembers Kelly. “It was what I expected, a natural feeling. We connected right away. I had a difficult time recovering after the c-section. But after the VBAC, I got to go home right away. I felt a thousand times better and my energy came back quickly.”

    TSH ranks number one among large, community hospitals inToronto for offering the option of VBAC for its obstetrics patients, as found in a recent study by the Canadian Institute of Health Information.

    “Results like these are signs of the safe, quality care that families can expect at The Scarborough Hospital,” says Dr. Nathan Roth, Co-Medical Director of Obstetrics at TSH.

    Dr. Georgina Wilcock, Co-Medical Director of Obstetrics at TSH says, “Many women aren’t even aware a VBAC is an option as many hospitals don’t offer it.” However, TSH obstetricians offer the option to every patient provided there are no complications with the pregnancy.

    Kelly is certainly happy she was given the option of a VBAC.

    “If had a third child, I would definitely go the same route again,” she says.

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