• My Name Is Geoff Burrowes And This Is My Patient Experience
    Published November 6, 2015

    “Don’t give it a second thought. They will look after you marvellously.”

    That’s what Geoff Burrowes, 74, would tell anyone wondering about what to expect at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH). And he should know—TSH physicians and nurses saved his life.

    Seven years ago, he asked his wife to call 911 and was brought into the Birchmount campus Emergency Department by ambulance. The reason for the call? Severe vomiting. Geoff knew something wasn’t right.

    “I never felt like that before,” he said.

    While he waited to be treated, he went into cardiac arrest and the doctors used a defibrillator (heart paddles) to get his heart going again. He was immediately taken by ambulance to the nearest cardiac care centre, where a cardiac surgeon inserted a stent (a small mesh tube that is used to treat narrow or weak coronary arteries).

    He then returned to the Birchmount campus at TSH for follow-up care.

    “The cardiologist on duty gave me such a degree of confidence that I have never felt threatened (by this heart condition) again,” Geoff said. “He has continued to look after me in this way, and the nurses also really care about their patients.”

    Fast forward to summer 2015. Geoff returned to TSH, suffering from congestive heart failure. Geoff found himself in the Emergency Department once again, and says the nurses looked after him all day, and continued to provide “splendid care” when he was transferred to a room.

    “I was out of the hospital within three days, and I’ve been feeling really good since then,” he said.

    For Geoff, the hospital’s strengths aren’t limited to cardiac care, either. Last fall, he fell from a ladder and bruised his leg so badly it turned septic. After providing immediate care, the Emergency Department referred him to the Plastic Surgery program.

    “Between them (the plastic surgery staff) and the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), they nursed me until the infection healed,” said Geoff. “The plastic surgeon at the hospital took some skin from my thigh and placed it over my wound, and I’ve never had a problem since then.

    “Each time the CCAC changed my dressing, they sent a note to my plastic surgeon and he would advise them on a care plan for me.”

    Geoff says his experience with care transitions between TSH and his local CCAC went very well, and he is grateful for the wonderful care he has received from his community hospital, all around.

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