• Published January 7, 2015

    While Wei Ye wasn’t nervous about his first surgery, he didn’t know what to expect. However, the care he received before, during and after his surgery at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) compelled him to share his experience and recommend the hospital to family and friends.

    “Before my surgery, Dr. Kevin Wong went over all the options and risks and I felt like I had a great deal of information before heading into surgery, which made me feel very comfortable,” says Wei.

    Following the surgery to remove his thyroid, Wei spent the night on the Surgical Unit at TSH’s General campus.

    “The nurses, especially Mary-Ann and Zorca, were so nice,” says Wei. “They did an amazing job. They were very attentive and made sure I wasn’t in pain. The charge nurse, Alem, even came to check on me personally.”

    During his stay, Wei’s roommate received a lot of visitors, which made it difficult for him to rest.

    “The nurses and the unit clerk, Lisa, helped me find another room,” says Wei. “This really showed a great sense of care, and I appreciated it very much.”

    After discharge, Wei received a phone call from Dr. Wong to ensure his recovery was continuing at home. The surgery had gone very well, and after two days Wei was able to move his neck and after a week he was able to drive.

    “Dr. Wong is a great surgeon – very professional – and the nurses were so nice and made me feel very comfortable,” says Wei. “I recommend The Scarborough Hospital to everyone.”

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