• New Mom Thanks TSH For Caring And Supportive Experience
    Published November 22, 2013

    Nadine Doueiry was so thrilled with the care she received from staff at The Scarborough Hospital during her recent childbirth that she’s decided to have another baby.

    “During my first birth, which was in Dubai, there were complications,” Nadine recalls. “After moving to Canada, I became pregnant and decided that if this birth went well, I would have a third child.”

    The birth went so well that sometime in the next year or so, Nadine and her husband will begin expanding their family.

    “It will be at The Scarborough Hospital, for sure,” said Nadine. “Your staff provided a very, very, very good experience. The whole team was very nice and I thank them all for their help and support.”

    Nadine also enlisted the help of Discover Birth, a doula service that works in partnership with TSH to provide non-medical support to families during a birth. The partnership has just passed the one-year mark and has been successful in enhancing the quality of childbirth experiences at the hospital.

    “It’s a very good service in the hospital,” said Nadine. “A doula is something every woman should have when she delivers a baby.”

    She added that she would absolutely include a doula in her third child’s birth, and that the support she received from both the nursing staff and her doula, Rean Cross, made her childbirth experience fantastic.

    Nadine also provided glowing accolades about TSH when compared to the hospital she delivered at in Dubai. She stated that while the hospital in Dubai was “five-star” in terms of resources, TSH staff were more knowledgeable, qualified, caring and supportive.

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