• New Mom Thanks TSH For Great Birth Experience
    Published February 19, 2013

    Jaime Thomas chose to deliver her twins at The Scarborough Hospital’s Birchmount campus and after her wonderful experience, she’s glad she did.

    The first-time Scarborough mom gave birth to Tabitha and Tony on October 31, 2012; her niece and nephew were born at Birchmount so that made her want to have her children there, too.

    Having a caesarean section, Jaime was a little nervous, but Dr. Sheldon Fruitman and the entire team put her at ease and made sure she knew what was going on.

    “The care was wonderful,” Jaime says. “I have no complaints at all.”

    The excellent care didn’t stop once the babies were born. Jaime says she had three outstanding nurses who made her feel comfortable as a new parent and who took great care of her and her babies. Even when the maternal ward got busy, she says they were there to answer her questions and respond to her needs.

    “They went above and beyond what was required. They took the time to spend with me because they knew I was a new mother,” she says. “These people were like family. It’s like I had three other mothers.”

    She wanted to pass along her appreciation to nurses Claudette (who took great care of her), Danielle (who patiently helped her breastfeed) and Anne (who looked after her babies like they were her own).

    Jaime would definitely recommend the hospital to others.

    “Some women have a great pregnancy and a bad birth experience. I had a great birthing experience and I think it’s because it was at that hospital,” she says. “I feel blessed.”

    For Jaime, it was the staff at the Birchmount maternity ward who made the difference in giving her the birth experience she’d hoped she and her twins would have.

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