• Released October 28, 2013

    A newly renovated Wound Clinic at The Scarborough Hospital will provide patients with expert follow-up care and treatment close to home.

    “Our new Wound Clinic is an excellent example of how The Scarborough Hospital is working to provide the best continuity of care for patients,” said Nurallah Rahim, Patient Care Director, Surgical Services, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at The Scarborough Hospital.

    “Patients can access follow-up care in the hospital to ensure their wounds are healing properly while they continue to receive their daily wound dressing changes through the Central East Community Care Access Centre.”

    The Wound Clinic has been conveniently relocated to the ground floor of the General campus adjacent to the Specialty Clinics. It now features four exam rooms, including one procedure room where surgeons can conduct minor treatments, as well as its own waiting room.

    In addition, patients will still have access to specially trained nurses certified in wound care.

    “The demand for specialized wound treatment is growing due to an aging population and an increase in certain chronic diseases where patients often need special expertise to help them heal,” said Jackie Baptiste-Savoie, the clinical nurse specialist for wound, skin and ostomy and Certified Enterostomal Nurse.

    “This is particularly the case with Scarborough’s diverse population, some of whom have a higher-than-average incidence of diabetes and certain cancers. Besides follow-up care, staff in our Wound Clinic provide education and early intervention that can help some chronic disease patients avoid future problems.”

    In addition to wounds resulting from chronic diseases, wound care provided at The Scarborough Hospital includes post traumatic defects, lacerations, infections, as well as ulcers and burns.

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