• Nurse Retires After 41 Years On The Job
    Published May 13, 2014

    As a small child in Jamaica, Lucy knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a nurse. Other opportunities cropped up along the way, but she pursued her dream, received her training and never looked back.

    “When I was about nine years old there was a polio outbreak,” recalls Lucy Townsend, who recently retired from her position as a registered nurse of 41 years with The Scarborough Hospital (TSH). “My cousins went to receive their nursing training to help with that outbreak, and I knew that’s what I wanted too.”

    Throughout her early school days, Lucy’s classmates pictured her as a lawyer. After high school, she worked at a bank and was offered full support from her manager to remain in the financial sector. But Lucy’s heart was in nursing; and in 1971, she immigrated to Scarborough, Canada and began her career.

    “I worked in Toronto at a small hospital for a while, but I lived in Scarborough so I applied to The Scarborough Hospital,” says Lucy.

    The stars aligned and Lucy was hired at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) the same day she submitted her application. Now, 41 years later Lucy has decided to retire from her position in the hospital’s Medicine program.

    “I worked mostly in medicine and long-term care,” says Lucy. “But I’m going to miss the staff in every single area of the hospital – from the units to the kitchen staff to the porters to the telecommunications staff.”

    She adds that it’s amazing how every department at TSH has always worked so well together to look after patients and how important that cohesiveness is to patient care.

    “I want to thank everyone for their contributions in caring for our patients,” says Lucy. “We are a great team and a great organization. It takes everyone as a whole to make us so great, and I’ll miss my TSH family.”

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