• Nurse Went Above and Beyond to Provide Excellent Care
    Published December 24, 2013

    It wasn’t just the care itself, but how it was delivered that made a big difference for Alfonsina (Flo) Germano when she visited The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) for a panectomy this past fall.

    Flo’s one-night stay turned into two at the hospital’s General campus, due to some follow-up care after her surgery, and she began to get a little anxious. However, the compassion she received from a nurse she met on her second night, Katrina, alleviated her fears and provided comfort.

    “She provided such incredible care for me,” says Flo. “I was scared, but she explained everything that was happening so I could understand. She went above and beyond to help me feel better.”

    Flo added that Katrina always had a smile on her face no matter how busy she was and always asked how she was doing or feeling.

    “It was like having an angel in the room,” she says.

    Katrina provided such an outstanding care experience for Flo that Flo wanted to take the time to write to the hospital and commend her for her efforts.

    “Patients are in pain and nurses do what they have to do, but the way Katrina cared for us was remarkable,” says Flo. “It’s so important to recognize the good work, not just the complaints.”

    She also wanted to mention Dr. Narayanan Nandagopal who performed her surgery, stating that she specifically came to see him because she had heard such great reviews.

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