• Passion for hospital goes to top of the world
    Published January 20, 2017

    Foundation Board Member, Javaid Khan, to scale Mount Kilimanjaro in support of hospital’s
    maternal newborn and child care program

    Javaid Khan is a man who sets big goals. His life resume is proof enough with many accomplishments, but his next journey – to scale the highest mountain in Africa – could top them all.

    Khan explains that while his journey is partly driven by the urge to overcome a monumental task, as a member of the foundation Board of Directors for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, it is the passion for his community hospital that is his real motivation.

    “It came to my mind that this could be more than just my own adventure, and that the noble thing would be to make this climb up Mount Kilimanjaro a charitable effort as well,” he said.

    Born and raised in Kenya to Pakistani parents, he sees the journey as a chance to return to his roots, while also an opportunity to draw attention to the need to support health care here in his adopted home of Canada, and Scarborough specifically. Past the age of 60, he faced questions from his family in deciding to do this.

    “We are human, so no matter how we plan, our plans are all in the hands of Allah,” he told them. “Next year, I might not be able to do it; but right now, I am mentally and physically prepared.”

    The hospital’s maternal newborn and child care program and the midwifery services are the focus of his fundraising efforts for the climb. The program has a number of needs, and support for Khan’s climb could be used in different areas, such as for the purchase of baby warmers, to expand the midwifery program, and for equipment to support more complex cases in the neonatal intensive care unit.

    Khan’s reasoning for supporting this particular program is “to support women who are making important decisions for their health care, and the health care of their children.”

    “I feel it is important to respect the rights of women; this was on my mind when I made that choice,” he said. “And, at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, life begins in good hands!”

    He made the decision to climb Kilimanjaro this past November. Having taken part in the first ever Canadian Tire Brave T.O. event in September 2016, he was inspired by the dedication of first responders, after tackling the five-kilometre obstacle course and completing it. Since then, he’s increased his exercise regimen and will continue the workouts leading up to his trip.

    “I think I am ready,” he said. “My training has included 20 kilometres on the stationary bike every other day and also 45 minutes on the treadmill each day.”

    If you are reading this and thinking, “I would love to do that!”, then consider this: Khan is interested in finding a partner or two for the trip, and is encouraging anyone interested in exploring the idea of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to contact him. Email to connect and discuss the possibility.  You can also visit Khan’s fundraising page to make a secure online donation and support him in this incredible journey.

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