• Patient crusader leaves a lasting legacy for dialysis patients
    Published January 29, 2018

    Patient’s receiving dialysis treatment at the hospital’s 78 Corporate Drive satellite site can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy their shows thanks to Garry Moore’s steadfast patient advocacy.

    The TVs at the site hadn’t been operational since Canada’s media landscape switched from analog to digital television.

    “It’s not about missing my favourite TV show,” said Garry. “It’s about the patient experience.”

    “Living with kidney disease and sitting in a chair for a four hour dialysis treatment, three times a week, can feel depressing at times, especially with nothing but a book or magazine to read. But being able to relax and settle in to watch a show helps to create a calm environment for everyone in the room receiving treatment.”

    It’s for these reasons that Garry made it his mission to bring the TVs back online.

    He started by speaking with Serena Chan and Ethel Doyle, Patient Care Manager and Director for the Nephrology department respectably.

    “Mr. Moore did exactly as he was supposed to – he advocated for the patient’s care experience,” said Serena.

    “Although he joked about being a thorn in our side,” interjects Ethel. “We always listen to our patients.”

    Budgets are tight across Ontario’s health care system, which made finding the funding required to upgrade the hardware difficult.

    Not one to give up so easily, Garry reached out to the hospital’s Chief Information Officer, Thodoros Topaloglou, to see if he knew of any technical solutions that might provide a solution.

    Since this was an industry-wide issue, Thodoros knew there wasn’t much that could be done but suggested that a deal could be brokered with the hospital’s service providers.

    After many restless months and hours of negotiating behind-the-scenes, a deal was struck!

    The satellite site’s televisions would be upgraded using donations to the nephrology department from the community.

    Garry passed in December 2017 before the final draft of his story could be shared with him, but his wife Lorna knows he would be proud since giving back was always important to them. In fact, Lorna also gives back to Scarborough and Rouge Hospital as a volunteer in the Oncology unit.

    Now, Garry’s impact continues to give back as a lasting legacy for his fellow dialysis patients who can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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