• Patient Describes ’fundamental’ Work of TSH Staff
    Published October 18, 2012

    At age 47, Mary Stinson never thought she would lose the ability to do what she is passionate about, power walking. She also never thought she would have to undergo two knee replacements in less than one year at such a young age. But that’s exactly what happened.

    One year and two knee replacements later, Mary is walking without using canes and hopes that someday, she will be able to power walk again. Her surgeries have been life-changing, and she owes it all to Dr. James Rathbun, Orthopaedic Surgeon at TSH.

    “I will be eternally grateful to him for what he has done for me,” says Mary. “He’s not only a surgeon, he’s a carpenter. He put both of my legs back together beautifully!”

    It was a two-and-a-half year road of excruciating pain that was both mentally draining and physically exhausting. Mary saw a number of doctors and had a variety of tests done, but eventually ended up at Dr. Rathbun’s door.

    “I thought I would need full knee replacements,” Mary remembers. “But Dr. Rathbun said I was too young for that and recommended the Oxford knee replacement. I trusted him and knew I was in good hands. I definitely picked the right surgeon.”

    Mary also gives a big piece of the credit to Joe Wong, her physiotherapist following both surgeries. She says after working with him after her first surgery, she specifically requested him following her second surgery.

    “Not only was he knowledgeable and skilled, he also used good humour and encouraged me to take ownership of my recovery,” she comments. “The physiotherapy department and its staff at TSH are fundamental to the recovery process and provide an invaluable continuum of care after discharge.”

    Mary is a long-time Scarborough resident, living only about five minutes from the hospital. Her experience with TSH goes way back.

    “Over the years, this hospital has cared for my dehydrated baby, nursed my dying grandfather and cared for a number of other family members and friends. This hospital really does make a difference in the community and in the lives of those who seek care in it.”

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