• Patient Impressed By The Kindness Demonstrated By TSH Staff
    Published August 7, 2014

    Darlene Chatten, a sufferer of osteoarthritis, recently underwent her second Oxford Knee Replacement surgery.

    Her first surgery was on her right knee and was performed more than four years ago, by Dr. James Rathbun. Her recent surgery to replace her left knee, in late June, brought her to back to The Scarborough Hospital (TSH).

    What really stood out to Darlene this time around was how organized, thorough and thoughtful staff were at TSH.

    “When I came in on the day of my surgery, I was informed of every detail that would take place that day and what to expect from my recovery. They also answered any questions I had,” says Darlene. “They were transparent and open throughout the process – from consultation to recovery – and it made me more comfortable and confident with their skills, because I knew they were confident with what the outcome was going to be.”

    The surgery went well for Darlene and she is now working with a physiotherapist regularly to bring her knee back to where it was before the arthritis limited its mobility. According to her physiotherapist, Darlene’s range of motion is very good, which can be attested to the excellent care she received while at TSH.

    “I have been to other hospitals and I haven’t seen this level of care before. The nurses and doctors would check in on me often to make sure I was doing alright. Every nurse from admission to discharge was respectful and pleasant, and made my stay more comfortable.” says Darlene.

    And while Darlene says that everyone that she interacted with at TSH went above-and-beyond, there were two nurses that stood out in her mind that truly exhibited compassionate care; Registered Nurses, Robina Akhtar and Lynn Santiago-Reyes.

    “Every nurse that took care of me was wonderful, especially Robina and Lynn. Robina had the patience of a saint and never stopped working and Lynn was very helpful and attentive,” she says.

    “While I was dealing with a great amount of pain, Lynn checked my chart several times to see when I could get the next dose of pain medication, so she could stay on top of my pain management. In between doses, she would suggest ways to lessen the pain and would bring me ice packs. The moment I was able to take my next dose of pain medication, she was right at my bedside.”

    Darlene is very happy with the “exemplary level of care” she received at TSH and thanks staff at the hospital for making her stay more enjoyable. She further notes that the most important thing that stood out to her during her stay was how staff looked out for her.

    “I am an able adult; I can advocate for myself, so making sure I receive the care I need is not an issue for me. However, there are many people who can’t advocate for themselves. The nurses at The Scarborough Hospital took care of me and made sure I was comfortable and informed; I didn’t have to ask for help, they anticipated it. My experience just shows that the nurses at your hospital will stand up for the vulnerable.”

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