• Patient Satisfaction Rates Soar on Surgical Orthopaedic Unit
    Published April 20, 2012

    They say the proof is in the pudding, and recent data from a patient satisfaction survey report confirms that there’s a lot more than just the pudding on TSH’s Surgical Orthopaedic Unit that’s very good.

    The Unit has consistently demonstrated excellent patient satisfaction scores over the past four quarters. The quality of care is outstanding, and the hard work and dedication of the staff and physicians are reflected in the kind words of many patients.

    “Simply put, your team of nurses in the orthopaedic wing is outstanding,” Jesus (Suso) Rodriguez wrote in a letter to Christian Buendia, Patient Care Manager of the Surgical Orthopaedic Unit. “You should be very proud to have this wonderful team on your staff, and I know from experience that your patients are very fortunate to have these people looking out for them while they recover.”

    Suso first arrived at TSH for back surgery in February and remained in the hospital for 10 days. During his stay, he and his wife were delighted with the remarkable care he received from the attending physician, Dr. Michael Chapman, and several nurses. He returned in March, and was again extremely impressed with the “tremendous” care he received.

    “Nurses on other shifts even remembered us and went out of their way to say hello,” added Liz Rodriguez, Suso’s wife who also had a wonderful experience at TSH when she gave birth to their son in 1989. “They are lovely, lovely people.”

    Elaine Beverley from Oshawa certainly agrees.

    Laid up from knee surgery, Elaine greatly appreciated the “caring, compassion and quality professionalism” she received from Dr. Jim Rathbun and the staff.

    “My experience from your hospital was wonderful from start to finish,” said Elaine. “Dr. Rathbun performed a great knee replacement and the aftercare of your Orthopaedic ward was exemplary.”

    Elaine added that the nurses were very diligent in their care and it was quite evident they considered their work a vocation and not just a job.

    “I can’t say enough about the care I received while being ministered to by these nurses, and even your student nurses were very caring and kind,” said Elaine. “Thank you for making my hospital stay so effortless and comforting.”

    These are just a few examples of the remarkable service provided by staff on the Unit and a testament to their consistent excellence in patient satisfaction scores.

    “We are very proud of the work we do here,” says Christian. “Often, sustaining positive results related to delivering quality patient-focused care is more challenging than achieving them in the first place.”

    He adds the fact that the interdisciplinary team on the Unit achieves and sustains this level of outstanding care delivery to their patients each and every day year-round is truly a remarkable achievement and is worth celebrating.

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