• Patient Says Thank You With Personally Delivered Cards
    Published April 2, 2013

    Marie Brisson was so grateful for the care she received at The Scarborough Hospital’s General campus that she didn’t just write one thank you card, she wrote 14.

    Marie spent two weeks on 3 Central after being admitted with the flu in January. She told the nurses and doctors she’d be back later with cards and true to her word, she returned to the unit in early March to personally distribute the thank you cards she had written.

    Unfortunately for Brisson, many of the doctors and nurses weren’t in during her visit, but Kim Brophy, the Clinical Resource Leader for 3 Central, was there to receive her card, a hug and a “thank you” in person.

    “She was the one who welcomed me and said if I had any problems to contact her,” Brisson says.

    Kim was touched and remembered her well.

    “Marie’s pretty special to take this kind of time to write hand-written notes,” she says. “It really validates the work that we do here and we see that we made a difference.”

    Marie is no stranger to the hospital and her latest stay really stood out.

    “I was just so impressed. I’ve been in here four or five times in the last six years and I just can’t say enough about the staff on this unit,” she says.

    Marie called the team “remarkable” and commended them on their caring and professional nature. In addition to the individual cards, she also wrote a letter to Patient Relations to ensure they knew how well she’d been treated in 3 Central.

    “No one was ever too busy to assist me,” she writes. “My needs were tended to in such a timely manner. “

    Marie says she’s finally starting to feel like her old self and is happy to be at home and able to walk her dog again.

    “I credit the people of 3C for giving me back my ability to breathe and function independently in my own home,” she writes.

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